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Facebook unveils huge, pricey 360 VR camera

SAN FRANCISCO — Facebook presented another 360 degree, 3D virtual reality camera planned by the informal community at its designer gathering here.

In any case, there’s a catch: the 17-lens apparatus is entirely a model, and “we’re not going to offer the camera,” said Chris Cox, Facebook’s Chief Product Officer.

The aim of the 360 camera, called The Surround 360, is to tempt engineers to take Facebook’s configuration and keep running with it, he included.

“We’re attempting to make an incredible reference gadget,” said Cox.

Facebook engineers burned through $30,000 purchasing the crude materials for the camera. The organization says volume purchases and tweaking of the recipe could cut the expenses down. The cameras are made by Point Gray, which makes cameras for modern, logical, therapeutic, movement and security applications, as per its site.

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