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How you can compute your best Social Security procedure

Q: We have been perusing your recommendation and are seeking you can elucidate some data after us as we are confounded about the adjustments in Social Security. I will be 66 in March 2016. My spouse will be 66 in August 2016. My spouse was the higher worker. What is the best procedure for us to use with a specific end goal to gather a bit of our Social Security and abandon some to develop? Additionally, in the event that we abandon a percentage of the cash to develop, would we be able to apply for that cash whenever in the event that we alter our opinion, or do we need to hold up until age 70 to take the full advantage? — Mary Murphy, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

A: Congratulations on arranging ahead.

All things considered, this is what we know now. The Social Security Administration has not discharged nitty gritty directions yet, but rather it would seem that, in view of your birthdates, that you are qualified for record and suspend however your spouse is not, says Andy Landis, creator of Social Security: The Inside Story. Also, both of you are qualified for a limited application for spousal-just installments.

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